Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Englishman writes blog about self

The Journal of a Recovering Taiwanaholic may give some insights for those among us who have been here too long and are ready to return "home".

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Longmen Campsite & Fulong Beach

Original post on Fulong can be found here:

I was hesitant to stay at such a large campsite but it is spread out enough that if it is not at full capacity it is a very nice campsite with good facilities. Most of the camp sites have some shade, but some more than others. Most have picnic tables. The bathroom and camp sites are reasonably clean. There is a pedestrian and bike only area with wooden tent platforms. There are old Carrefour shopping carts that can be used to push your gear from the car to the camp site. There are also drive in camp sites which were more popular. There are a limited number of cabins with private bath. There is a a bath and toilet house with hot water, a camp store selling very basic supplies (including flashlights, batteries, stoves, stove fuel, bottled water, 2 brands of beer, ice, Coke), a large covered picnic area (which some people also use to camp out of the rain). There is a walking/bike path to the river where you can see the river open to the sea, and there is a boardwalk to Fulong Beach. For entry to Longmen, there is a fee per car or scooter, per person for day use, and an additional camping fee. Scooter is TWD 70 and people are TWD 20 per day. Not sure about the car and camping rates. Charcoal BBQs and camp fires are not allowed. You can order a gas BBQ complete with the food.

Driving from Taipei:
By scooter or car you can take Highways 106 and 2, estimated time 2 hours (from Google maps, I didn't keep track of time).

Muzha Rd is Hwy 106. You can connect to Muzha Rd from Xindian Fuxing Rd, which can be accessed by going South on Roosevelt Rd (turns into Beixing when you cross to Xindian)
or from Zhonghe on Jingping Rd heading east.

On Muzha Rd straight (left fork) onto Xiuming Rd (right fork is Muzha and will loop back but takes longer). At the next intersection with Muzha Rd, turn left back onto Muzha Rd towards Wanfang interchange and Xinyi Expressway.

Follow out of metro area. You will pass under the elevated freeway and some
bus parking, then the final gas station until your destination.

At the fork in the road there is a final 7-11. Turn left toward Pingxi (not right toward Pinglin).
This is the last 7-11 you will see until your destination.

After passing through a small town the road will fork and you will need to turn right onto Hwy 2.

From here at the 11 km marker you will go through a tunnel. Between 17.5 and 18 km is a 2 level coffee shop. This is about the only place to stop along the way. Just past the 19 km marker you will need to turn right.

Follow this to the gas station where you connect with the coastal highway. Turn
right at the gas station. The first almost immediate left is Longmen, continue on to Fulong Beach, the train station, 7-11, and the few restaurants in town.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Restaurant on the way to Wulai 烏來

Wulai 烏來

There is an open air restaurant featuring wood fire whole roasted chicken. Coming from Xindian, there is a bus stop at the 4 km marker, just past this on the left is the restaurant. They have parking in the rear.

Monday, June 08, 2009


Sanxia can be reached by car or scooter on Highway 110. From Taipei County, Zhonghe City, AnPing Rd, go South into Xindian, and this will become Highway 110. Watch for signs toward Sanxia and Yingge. Queens Town campground is a large private riverside park in Sanxia. They have a swimming pool, restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, river access, hiking trail access, a small general store with only bare essentials, picnic areas with shade tents, and campsites, There are a few cabins with more under construction. Every campsite has parking, electricity, water, and large wooden platforms. Most campsites lack picnic tables and privacy. To reach Queens Town, from Taipei on Highway 110 turn left at the 33 km marker. There are other campsites in the area, including at least one which offers paint ball gun games.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Toys R Us

Toys R Us
Xinsheng Branch

Taipei city, Xin Sheng N. Rd, Sec. 2, No 28 1F

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Having a baby in Taiwan

Having a baby in Taiwan has left me too busy and tired to write about it. The above is a clinic in Yonghe, just across the river from Taipei City reasonably close to Dingxi MRT station. This was my first time going through the process, so I have nothing to compare it to. I was generally satisfied with the clinic, and will probably go back again if the need arises.

The doctor went to med school in the US, so he can speak English but clearly is more comfortable speaking Chinese. The nursing staff for the most part do not speak English. This was fine for me since my wife speaks Chinese.