Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yangming Shan & Xin Beitou Driving Directions

Traveling by scooter or car, cross the river from Central Taipei going towards Beitou and Yangmingshan, going north on Chengde Rd.(承德路 Chéngdé Lù) Staying on the main road, there will be brown street signs directing you to Xin Beitou and Yangmingshan. From Xin Beitou there is access to Yangmingshan. Basically stay on the main road unless directed by the signs. When you reach Xin Beitou, the MRT station will be on the right hand side and you will be on Daye Rd (大業路 Dàyè Lù) which connects with several roads.

To continue to Yangmingshan take Quanyuan Rd. (泉源路 Quányuán Lù) which is ahead and to the left. Continue on and you are in Yangmingshan. Follow the signs for additional options. If you follow Zhongshan Rd. (中山路 Zhōngshān Lù) the park will be on the right hand side which has an adjoining museum and public hotspring. There is no shortage of private spas to choose from if you want something nicer. The public hotspring is built on a hill with several pools. The hottest pools are on top and then flow into the lower pools at the bottom. There is also a cold water pool. These are co-ed pools so swimming suits are required.

Another option to reach Yangmingshan by car or scooter is to go north on Chengde Rd. (承德路 Chéngdé Lù) or by car only go North on Zhongshan N. Rd. (中山北路 Zhōngshān Běi Lù). From either road turn right (east) onto Zhongzheng Rd. (中正路 Zhōngzhèng Lù). This will merge with Fulin Rd and at the base of Yangmingshan will become Yangde Blvd. (仰德大道 Yǎngdé Dàdào). This is the main road to Yangmingshan. You can expect heavier traffic, especially during weekends and rush hour. This road may be closed to non-residents during the weekend, so you are advised to follow the route through Xin Beitou especially if you are travelling by car.

More details about Yangmingshan

More details about Beitou

Monday, November 20, 2006

Aunt Su's Pizza

They feature deep dish pizza but it is a mediocre pizza. The fried chicken is also decidedly average. Their commitment to being good enough can be seen by spelling their name wrong on the front door. It reads "Aunt's Su" instead of "Aunt Su's". Monday through Friday they have lunch and dinner buffets. It is located opposite of Sun Yet Sen Memorial (國父紀念館 guó fù jì niàn guǎn) on Guang Fu South Rd. between Zhongxiao East Rd. and Renai Rd.

Main Pizza Page

Friday, November 17, 2006

JP Pub

JP Pub is a small pub with a friendly owner and a Foosball Table. The pub is located in an area which caters to Japanese expatriates, and there are some suspicious looking places, but this one is fine. The owner speaks some English, but in general Chinese or Japanese will get you a lot farther.

Located near Linsen N. Road at Zhongshan N. Road, Sec. 2, Lane 77, No. 3, 2F / 中山北路 2 77 3 2 / Zhōngshān Běi Lù, 2 Duàn, 77 Xiàng, 3 Hào, 2 Lóu

Main Pub List

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yakiniku House

Yakiniku House is a Japanese barbeque. It is very good as long as you don't mind cooking for yourself on the charcoal grill that is brought to your table. There is a ventilation fan over each table so it is not smokey. You can get assorted thin sliced meats or seafood. The seating is split between ordinary tables and sections where you remove your shoes and sit on the floor, but there is a sunken area to put your feet if you don't like sitting cross legged. The salmon rice soup is very good. Service is good too. Located on the 11th floor of the living mall.

The Living Mall

Main Taipei Restaurants Page

Shandao Temple

Shandao Temple is not particularly noteworthy, but it is near the main station area. Get off at Shandao Temple MRT Station, one stop east from Main Station on the Blue Line, go out Exit 6.

Taipei Site Seeing Index:

Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s House

Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s House is a very small walled in park near Taipei Main Station. If you are near Taipei Main Station (MRT & Train Station), this is a nice escape from the city around you. There are fishponds and you can walk through Dr. Sun’s house. From Taipei Main Station (train station) go out the East exit, cross one street and you will hit a white wall. Follow the sidewalk around to the opposite side and there will be an entrance on Zhongshan North Road. There is not much inside the house; it’s the courtyard that makes it worth visiting. All of the signs are in Chinese but be aware that no photography is allowed inside the house, but don't worry you won't be missing out.

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Sun Yet Sen Memorial

Sun Yet Sen Memorial / 國父紀念館 / Guó Fù Jìniàn Guǎn

There is a nice courtyard and park, which are the best features. Inside you will find an art exhibit and a big statue of Dr. Sun. Located near the Sun Yet Sen. MRT Station on the Blue Line. The memorial itself is not such an overwhelming attraction, but it is the center of a very nice park which offers an excellent view of Taipei 101.

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Ximen Night Market and Red House Theater

This is more of a large pedestrian thoroughfare lined with shops than a traditional night market, but of course there are some street stalls as well. The Red House Theater is a dinner theater across the street. The building is backlit in red so it really stands out at night. They have a good gift shop if you are trying to find souvenirs to take home.

Go to the Ximen MRT Station, which is one stop west of Taipei Main Station. If you are on the Red Line, you can bypass the chaos of the main station by transferring at CKS Memorial Hall to the Pea Green-Ximen Line.

Taipei Site Seeing Index: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/sites-in-taipei-city.html

Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel / 圓山大飯店 / Yuán Shān Fàn Diàn

This lives up to its name; it is a towering pagoda style structure with a view of the city. It is starting to show signs of age, but is still very impressive. There are no doubt more luxurious hotels, but none with as much character. Take the MRT to Yuanshan. From there you can take a taxi for $70.

The Grand Hotel's Website: http://www.grand-hotel.org/newsite/html/e/ca01.htm

Taipei Site Seeing Index:


CKS (Chiang Kaishek) Memorial Hall and National Concert Hall

CKS (Chiang Kaishek) Memorial Hall and National Concert Hall
中正紀念堂 Zhōngzhèng jìniàn táng

This is a great example of Chinese architecture in the center of the city. It is easy to get to and can be seen quite quickly. Although it is very impressive and should be on your list, there’s really not that much to see beyond the exterior. Inside you will find a statue of Chiang Kaishek and some honor guards. This is also a gathering place for public events such as New Year’s celebrations and political rallies. On Either side of the courtyard are two towering red pagoda style buildings. One is the National Theatre Hall and the other is the National Concert Hall.

By MRT it is located on the Red-Danshui Line 2 stops south of Main Station. Get off at CKS Memorial Hall Station, exit and you will be right there.

Main Taipei Site Seeing Index

228 Peace Park 二二八公園 èr èr bā gōng yuán

A few blocks South of Taipei Main Station and next to NTU Hospital MRT Station is one of Taipei’s bigger parks (2nd after Daan). It has walking paths, fishponds, shaded pagodas, and an outdoor stage.

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Customs insoles by Dr. Mark

I got a pair of custom orthopedic insoles from Dr. Mark. He takes a mold of your feet and they are ready in a couple of weeks. Getting the mold is maybe a 30 minute process. Cost is around NTD 10,000. These are the sports shoe insole.There is a dress shoe insole which I beleive uses leather instead of foam.

The white is a dense foam, the gray is a plastic, and the blue is a standard foam you would find in a shoe insole. These are supposed to last for several years, but I don't think that counts the blue foam which must be able to be replaced.

Dr. Mark Griffin, Doctor of Chiropractic, USA

Chiropractic Care
Deep Muscle Tissue Therapy
Sport Injuries
Custom-made foot orthotics
By Appointment Only, Please!

Zhongxiao East Rd. Sec. 4, #250, 11F-5
忠孝東路,四段,250號,11樓, Suite 5
entry at Lane 248
Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: (02) 8771-3516

see my original page about Dr. Mark: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/10/dr-mark-fixed-my-back.html

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ta Chien (Da Qian) Cinema

Ta Chien Cinema / 大千電影院 / Dà Qiān Diàn Yǐng Yuàn

For a bit of luxury the basement of the Westin Taipei Hotel has a theater in the basement level which has sofas with footrests. Tickets are NTD 350 and reservations are advised however if you show up and no tickets are available, you may wait to see if there is a no show and can get seated just before show time.

Location: Nanjing East Road, Sec. 3, No. 133, B2 / 台北市南京東路3段133號B2
On the north-east side of the Fuxing Rd. intersection, this is walking distance from the Nanjing East Rd. MRT station on the Brown-Muzha Line.

Their website is in Chinese only: http://www.whatis.com.tw/westin2005/act.php

http://babelfish.altavista.com/ can provide a half-ass machine translation which should be adequate to see what is playing and maybe even make a reservation.


To make a reservation:
Telephone reservtations are accepted for the same day only, but English may or may not be spoken: (02) 3518-3161
On-line reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance, this site is in Chinese only, but can be machine translated: Www.whatis.com.tw/westin2005/onl_movie.php

The ticket window is open the following days and times:
* Monday ~ Tuesday from 13: 00
* Wednesday ~ Friday from 12: 00 noon
* Saturday ~ Sunday from 09: 00 am

Main Theater Page

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Parco Pasta & Au Gratin (and Pizza)

Parco makes an excellent personal size thin crust pizza. They also as the name would imply serve pasta. Bottled beer is available. Service is good, and they make sure there is always a carafe of water on the table.

Location: Minsheng E. Rd, Sec. 5, No. 59 / 民生東路559 / Mínshēng Dōng Lù 5 duàn 59 hào

It is not near an MRT stop but is a short bus/taxi ride (or a long walk) from Zhong Shan Jr. High Station, the northernmost station on the Brown-Muzha Line.

Friday, October 27, 2006

American Citizen Services at AIT

AIT is located on Xinyi Rd., Sec. 3, No. 134. It is just east of Jianguo Rd. Most services will require that you make an appointment online.

If you are American you won't need to wait in the oppressive line being formed out front, just join the line to go through security. You will have to turn off and check in your mobile phone, and any other electronic devices such as a notebook computer or mp3 player. You will need an ID other than your passport to leave with your checked items. You will need your passport to take care of your business. Proceed to the back of the building and up to the 2nd floor. At the time of your appointment, they will announce that everyone with an appointment at that time should come to the window to check in. They will take your passport and documents and then send you to the cashiers window to pay any fees. Then you will wait for your name to be called.

If you need a document notarized make an appointment online, it will cost approx. NTD 1000 (USD 30.00). You will receive a discount if you have a second document notarized at the same time.

Getting something done at AIT can be a long painful process. It took me about 2 hours to get a document notarized, the actual notary process taking about 2 minutes, and the rest of the time waiting. But it didn't seem so bad when I came out and saw what the Taiwanese had to go through on the first floor. It is also a bit odd to have someone talk at you with a microphone through a window with a slot just large enough to pass documents. Since they are using a microphone, you will be treated to a recap of everyone else's private business while you wait your turn.

Below is an announcement issued by AIT:
Wednesday, October 25, 2006 7:19 PM


The American Institute in Taiwan's Taipei office is pleased to announce a new appointment scheduling system for services at the American Citizen Services Unit at AIT Taipei's Consular Section. Beginning Monday, November 6, 2006, applications for all services will be accepted by appointment only using a free online scheduling system, which will begin accepting appointments on October 23.

Based on the overwhelming success of our limited appointment system for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, we have decided to expand the system to offer appointments for all services to better serve the American community in Taiwan.

Due to increasing numbers of applications and our limited office space, the current application process for passport, notarial and social security services can require several visits to AIT, waiting times in excess of one hour, long lines, and standing room only in our waiting room. The new scheduling system will mean one trip to AIT, less time in the waiting room, no more long lines, and your new passport will arrive faster.

Consular assistance is always available without appointment in case of emergencies such as life-and-death situations, arrest, and indigence.

Please visit our website for more information and to make your appointment!









Thursday, October 26, 2006

DS Music Restaurant (The Nurse Restaurant)

I have not yet checked this out, but it seems like an interesting concept:

"...the tables look like sleek hospital beds, there are a few wheelchairs and crutches sitting around, backlit X-rays decorate some walls, and above each table hangs a big "IV drip," which functions like a small keg. And then, of course, there are nurses everywhere you look."


Restaurant: DS Music Restaurant

Address: 7 Xinsheng N Rd Sec 3, Zhongshan Dist, Taipei (台北市中山區新生北路三段7號)
Telephone: (02) 2587 3226
Open: 6pm to 2:30am; Fri, Sat 6pm to 4am Average meal: NT$300 to NT$500 per person
Details: English and Chinese menu; major credit cards accepted Web site: www.drs.com.tw (Chinese only)

road, not restaurant, is one block west of the Ritz Landis Hotel. This is near the highway bridge which crosses the river to access Shilin and Tianmu.

Din Tai Fung Dumpling Restaurant

Din Tai Fung Dumpling Restaurant is a very nice dumpling restaurant. It is always busy but you shouldn't have to wait too long. There are NO RESERVATIONS, upon arrival take a number and you will be given a menu / order slip (in Chinese only) so you are ready to order as soon as you are seated. Open daily until 9:00 PM.
XinYi Road, Sec. 2, No. 194 / 台北市, 信義路, 二段, 194 / Xìnyì Lù, 2 duàn, 194 hào

West of Daan Park, between JinShan S. Rd and XinSheng S. Rd. Remember Xinyi is one-way, eastbound traffic only. They have other branches around Taipei, Taiwan, and internationally.


Go to main restaurant listings page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/09/restaurants-in-taipei.html

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The MRT underground & elevated train network

MRT=Metro Rapid Transit. Chinese: 捷運 jié yùn

While you are here you may want to make use of Taipei’s public transit system. The subway known as the MRT is very efficient and easy to use. All stops are labeled and announced in English. If you use the MRT on a regular basis you will want to buy an Easy Card. This is a prepaid debit card. You simply touch it to the sensor on the turnstile as you enter and leave the MRT station. You will hear a high-pitched beep and the turnstile will unlock. If you are using a one-time use ticket, feed the ticket into the slot and it will come out on top. Take the ticket, as you will need it to exit. One-time use tickets may be purchased from vending machines located in each station. Check the map on the vending machine to determine the proper fare for your destination.

Easy Cards can be purchased at any MRT station ticket window and some automated vending machines in the stations. If the attendant does not understand, ask for a Yoyo card, its Chinese name. Easy Cards can also be used for public buses and some car parks. You can recharge them at vending machines located at each MRT station using either an ATM card or cash.

The MRT is also an excellent resource for maps. They have a free English language map of Taipei and detailed maps of the area surrounding each station. These maps are also available online.

MRT Homepage: http://www.trtc.com.tw/

Clickable Route Map with detailed maps of each station

Route Map with Pinyin: http://www.romanization.com/mrt/mrt_with_tones_screen.jpg

Just go to the route map and click the station you want to see.

Step by Step instructions for fare payment options: http://home.trtc.com.tw/ESERVICE92/eservice_2.asp

Public Buses

Public buses can take you everywhere the MRT cannot. The signs at bus stops will be in Chinese only. Some public buses are labeled in English, but not all. This is continually improving but progress can be slow.

When you use your Easy Card on a bus you touch the sensor only once, but whether to do so at the beginning or the end will depend on the bus. Near the driver, every bus will have a backlit red sign in Chinese only. The first character will be either or.

means you should pay as you enter.

means you should pay as you exit.

To remember I imagine the characters are stick men. is holding his arm out blocking your way until you pay. is pointing down the stairs, telling you to pay as you go down.

The English websites for buses are not as developed as for the MRT, but you can find some bus routes at the following sites.



select: English, Etransit, Taipei


Taxis are usually easy to flag down, are affordable, and the drivers are generally reasonably honest. The catch is that you must be prepared for the fact that most drivers CANNOT speak or read English. This can cause frustration if you cannot say your destination in Chinese. Even if you can say your address there may by misunderstandings because of your accent, and one tone or syllable can change the destination. If you have your destination written down in Chinese, or if you have a Chinese friend who can give directions to the driver using your mobile phone, then you should have no problem. Taipei City taxis start the meter at $70 and charge for time and distance with a higher rate charged between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. Additional charges for baggage handling and other services may apply.


06:00AM – 11:00PM

NT $70 UP TO 1.5KM

AFTER 1.5 KM, NT $5 PER 300 M



11:00PM - 06:00AM

NT $70 UP TO 1.25KM

AFTER 1.25 KM, NT $5 PER 250M






Rates are subject to change, which has happened. Meters still start at $70 but the distance and waiting times have been adjusted, so the above details are no longer accurate.


If you live in an apartment, then you may have trash removal as part of your maintenance fee. Even so, to stay on good terms with your building staff, you should realize that some garbage must be separated and recycling has been mandated by the city. Follow the link for trash and recycling schedules in Taipei City. If you have to take out your own trash, there are typically two pick-up times per day, which will vary depending on your location, except for Wednesday and Sunday when there is no pick up. Listen for the musical garbage truck, it should come at the same times every day. You will also need special tax stamped bags in Taipei City, which are sold at most supermarkets and convenience stores. Recycling does not need to be in the tax stamped bag, any bag will do. For up to date information, recycling schedules, and more details go to http://www.epb.taipei.gov.tw/

Miramar Shopping Center, Neihu District, Taipei 美麗華

The Miramar (美麗華 Měi Lì Huā) is most notable for it's Ferris Wheel. Besides all of the shopping attractions the Miramar has regular movies, Imax, and Imax 3D movies. Movie and Ferris Wheel combos are available. There is a Wellcome Supermarket in the basement which has a better selection than most, it has offerings similar to what can be found in Wellcome's premium supermarket chain, Jason's. The food court has many different options. For casual western dining there is a Le blé d'or Brewery Restaurant and a TGIFriday's.

Located North of the the river from central Taipei in Neihu District.
No. 20, Jingye 3rd Rd./敬業三路20號 / Jìng Yè Sān Lù, 20 hào


Friday, October 20, 2006


Luxy is a nightclub with a posh interior, two different music rooms, and plenty of attractive young people dressed to be noticed. While casual attire is tolerated, they draw the line at sandals and you may be turned away if you’re shoes are judged to be inappropriate. The cover charge is $400 if you arrive before 10pm. After that the cover charge is $700. This is one of the few places in Taipei that actually asked for my ID, so be prepared.

Getting to Luxy: Luxy is located about 20 meters from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station Exit 2 on Zhongxiao Rd.

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html

My Other Place

My Other Place

Of all of the pubs at www.taipeipubs.com this is the worst. While it is not bad, the atmosphere is a bit sterile. There is little to make this pub stand out from any other. Another complaint is that even if you are ordering alcoholic drinks, they will not give you water.

Location: Fuxing North Rd. near the northeast corner of the Minsheng East Rd. intersection. 復興北路, 民生東路口 / Fùxīng Běi Lù, Mínshēng Dōng Lù kǒu

This is accross the street from and on the same block as the Zhongshan Junior High School MRT Station which for now is the northernmost station on the Brown-Muzha Line.

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html


Hooters is a fun diversion for some comfort food and girl watching. They are true to the theme of their franchise, including the decor, table settings, and especially the waitresses in tight t-shirts and short orange shorts. Service was good even on a busy Saturday night. They also put on a hula-hoop and limbo performance. Their website is only in Chinese, but you can preview the waitresses at http://www.hooters.com.tw/

Getting to Hooters: Located on Qingcheng St. a short distance from the Nanjing East MRT Station on the Brown-Muzha Line, walk straight out of the exit and it will be on your right.
Taipei City, Songshan District, Qingcheng Street, No. 18 / 台北市松山區慶城街18號 / Táiběi Shì, Qìngchéng Jiē 18 hào

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html
Go to main restaurant listings page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/09/restaurants-in-taipei.html

Citizen Cain

Citizen Cain is a small bar and restaurant with a DJ. Food is good and the menu includes pizza. There are a few other bars nearby.
Official website at www.citizencain.com

Location: 67 Dongfeng St, No. 67 / 東豐街67號 / Dōngfēng Jiē 67 hào

Map to Citizen Cain: http://wiki.forumosa.org/wiki/index.php?title=Citizen_Cain

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html
Go to main restaurant listings page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/09/restaurants-in-taipei.html

Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners is a comfortable pub but nothing special. It closes at 2:00 am, which is early for Taipei. Located down the street from Carnegies. You can check out their website at www.taipeipubs.com

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html

The Shannon


The Shannon bill themselves as an Irish pub; this is a nice pub with good ambiance and drinks. They have a back room that is separated by a curtain which is supposed to be smoke free. It is next to Dan Ryan’s Restaurant. It is across the street from Asiaworld Plaza and the Municipal Stadium. The closest MRT Station is Nanjing East Road MRT Station on the Brown-Muzha Line. Go East on Nanjing Road and then turn right (South) on Dunhua Rd. It is about a ten minute walk.

Dunhua North Rd., No. 6 / 敦化北路6號 / Dūnhuà Běi Lù, 6 hào
just South of the Nanjing East Rd. intersection

The Shannon Website: http://shannon-taipei.com/

Taiwan Fun: www.taiwanfun.com/north/taipei/dining/0210/0210wnShannon.htm

MAP: http://wiki.forumosa.org/wiki/index.php?title=The_Shannon

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Living Room

Update June 2008: The Living Room has a new owner, will have a new name, and is being remodeled. The new owner has previously run The Space Man and On Tap.

Location: Nanjing East Rd., Sec. 5, No. 8, 3F (Guangfu North Rd. intersection) / 臺北市,南京東路,五段,8號,3樓 ( 光復北路口)/ Nánjīng Dōng Lù (Guāngfù Běi Lù kǒu) It is on the south-east corner of the intersection. There is no large storefront sign so you'll have to look for the address.

The closest MRT Stations are Nanjing East Road on the Muzha-Brown Line or Sun Yet Sun Memorial on the Blue Line, but these are probably 15-20 minutes away on foot or a 5 minute taxi ride.

Map in English and Chinese: http://wiki.forumosa.org/wiki/index.php?title=The_Living_Room
Map in Chinese Only www.livingroomtaipei.com/uploads/map.php>

Their Official Website: http://www.livingroomtaipei.com

Taipei Times Review: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2005/02/04/2003222243

Taiwan Fun Review: http://www.taiwanfun.com/north/taipei/recreation/0404/0404Living.htm

The Living Room Web Radio: http://www.live365.com/stations/livingroomtaipei

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html

In-House DJ Lounge Restaurant

In-House DJ Lounge Restaurant is an upscale bar and restaurant with techno music and back lit bars. The ambiance is good if you enjoy this style. It is in the shadow of Taipei 101 just around the corner from Theater (formerly Warner village) behind the Neo 19 building.

Location: Song Ren Rd. #90 /松仁路90號 / Sōngrén Lù 90 hào.

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html
Xinyi District / Taipei 101 area main page with map: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/taipei-101-and-surrounding-area.html

Brass Monkey

The Brass Monkey is a good pub with predominately expatriate patrons. The Brass Monkey has good pub food such as nachos, burgers, and meat pies. They feature international sporting events on a projection screen. There is easy access to the MRT. They are open from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am, except for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday when they are open until 3:00am. Thursday is ladies night when ladies can down all of the cocktails they can stomach. Check out their website for a schedule of special events at www.brassmonkeytaipei.com

Location: Fuxing North Rd, No. 166 / 復興北路166號 / Fùxīng Běi Lù 166 hào
just North of the Nanjing East Rd. intersection (南京東路口)

Getting to the Brass Monkey: From the Nanjing East MRT Station on the Brown-Muzha Line, cross to the west side of Fuxing Road (MRT is on the north-east corner) and go north on Fuxing Road. About half a block up it will be on your left hand side on the first floor. See the map at http://wiki.forumosa.org/wiki/index.php?title=The_Brass_Monkey

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html
Go to main restaurant listings page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/09/restaurants-in-taipei.html

Roxy 99, Jr., and Vibe

Website for all of the Roxy locations: http://www.roxy.com.tw/new/

Roxy 99
This is a basement nightclub near the Shida University area. It doesn't have much ambiance but attracts a young crowd with its reasonable prices and good location near Heping East Rd .

Location: Jinshan S. Rd., Sec. 2, #218, B1 / 台北市 金山南路 二段 218號 B1 / Jīnshān Nán Lù, 2 duàn, 218 hào B1. The closest MRT station is Guting on the Red-Danshui Line.

Roxy Jr. (the sign reads Cafe Jr.)
This is an actual pub located near Shida University. They have a few sofas and some games such as billiards and foosball. There is another nice bar/restaurant next door which has 2nd floor outdoor seating.

Update 4/2009: I recently was back at Roxie Jr. and I was disappointed to see that they were not enforcing the new smoking ban. While this is clearly great news to everyone there who was smoking, there are plenty of bars that do follow the rules and they are more likely to get my future business.

Location: Shida Rd., Lane 80, #1 / 台北市 師大路 八十巷 一號 / Shīdà Lù, 80 xiàng, 1 hào
You can walk from the Taipower Building Station on the Red-Danshui Line.

Roxy Vibe
This is an after hours club near Xinyi Road. It doesn't open until midnight, but nobody shows up until much later. If you show up about 4:00 am you will probably see it at its peak. It doesn't have a lot of ambiance but by the time most people arrive that's not what they are looking for. The cover charge includes your first drink. You will also need to buy water if you have already had enough alcohol.

Location: Jinshan S. Rd., Sec. 1, #155, B1 Near Xinyi Rd. / 台北市 金山南路 一段 155號 B1 / Jīnshān Nán Lù, 1 duàn,155 hào B1. The MRT will be closed when you arrive, so you will have to take a taxi.

Go to main Pub listing page: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/05/pubs-bars-nightclubs-in-taipei.html

Le blé d'or Brewery / Restaurant

If you are having trouble finding beer with any flavor this may be the place for you. They have 3 different varieties, lager, wheat, and dark. The food is ok but nothing special and a little bit expensive by Taipei standards. They have dart boards (at least in the Xinyi location). Dart Boards are coin operated electronic boards using plastic tipped darts. The service is friendly despite the fact that the servers have their dignity stripped away and replaced with a German lederhosen style uniform.

official website: www.lebledor.com.tw
Multiple locations in Taipei and Taiwan.

The Xinyi District location is located in the basement of the building that holds the new Eslite bookstore. It is walking distance to the Taipei City Hall MRT Station and Taipei 101. The Xinyi location has Happy Hour on weekdays from 3:30-5:30 PM featuring half price mugs of beer (up to one liter sizes).

Address: Songgao Rd, No. 11, B1 / 松高路11號 B1 / Sōnggāo Lù 11 hào B1

The Neihu location is at the Miramar shopping complex.

They also have a branch at Asiaworld next to the Outback Steakhouse on the corner of Dunhua and Nanjing Roads. The Asiaworld location has outdoor and tent seating and has a Happy Hour daily from 5:30-6:30 PM.

Main Pub Listings Page
Main Restaurant Listings Page

NY bagels

NY bagels serve more than just bagels. This is the western breakfast you've been craving and on the weekend you can get it anytime you like. It's definitely more expensive than the average breakfast shop here but it's worth it. Free refills on coffee and soft drinks.

Renai Location: Renai Rd, Sec 4, No. 147 / 北市仁愛路四段147號 / Rén'ài Lù, 4 duàn, 147 hào
It's on the North-east corner of the Anhe Rd. intersection / 安和路口 / Ānhé Lù kǒu

Xinyi District Location: Xinyi Rd, Sec. 5, No. 122 (corner of Songren Rd.) / 信義路,5段 122號 ( 松仁路口) / Xìnyì Lù, 5 duàn, 122 hào (Sōngrén Lù kǒu)
In the Jasper Villa Xinyi building

Taiwan Fun Review
Taipei Times review
Another blog's review

Main Restaurant Listings Page

Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant 上閤屋 shàng gé wū

Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant

上閤屋 (shàng gé wū)

multiple locations in Taipei and Taiwan.
Reviewed Location: Taipei City, Xinyi District, same building as Neo 19, near the Theater (formerly Warner Village).
Songshou Rd., No. 22, 3F / 台北市,信義區,松壽路22號, 三樓

Hours: 11:00~03:00, reservations recommended.
TEL: (02)8789-5678

This buffet features sushi, steak, and much more. It's a very good meal and the price includes unlimited drinks. As with all buffets that include alcohol, it is best to stick with the beer. They also have an assortment of mixed drinks and wines but these taste terrible. They are open later than most of the other buffet style restaurants, so you can have a late dinner and make a night of it. Pricing is determined by the time of your meal and you can stay until the next meal time or if it's not too crowded they won't pressure you to leave.

UPDATE 6/2008: I recently ate here again, and was not as impressed this time. They still offer a wide selection of food, but it seems the quality was not as high as I remembered.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ju Li Yue Pizza

Ju Li Yue Pizza, Minquan West Road, near the Ritz Landis Hotel. They make a good thin crust pizza, but don't serve beer.


A lot of people like Carnegies, but I am not a fan. This is a bar with ambitions of being a nightclub, featuring dancing on the bar. There are some good-looking women, but a lot more of the women benefit from the dim lighting. It also attracts a regular crowd of expatriate businessmen. Wednesday is ladies night featuring free champagne for the ladies from 9:00 pm. There may be a cover charge in the evenings.

Their food gets good reviews especially their Sunday Brunch. I did enjoy the food, but I still didn't care for their atmosphere. Even with the front windows removed the open air environment was not enough to cover up the smokey odor in the air and the dim lighting was a bit depressing on a Sunday afternoon.

Getting to Carnegies: Anhe Rd, Section 2, No. 100 / 安和路,2段,100號 / Ānhé Lù, 2 duàn, 100 hào

It is South of Xinyi Rd. and Just East of Dunhua Rd. on Anhe Rd., Section 2. It's also very near the Far Eastern Hotel. It is possible to walk from the MRT but it is easier to go by taxi. The closest MRT location is Liuzhangli on the Brown-Muzha Line. From this station, cross the intersection to head west on Heping East Rd. Turn right to head North on Anhe Rd. See the map at http://wiki.forumosa.org/wiki/index.php?title=Carnegies.
Check out their website at www.carnegies.net

Main Pub Listings


This is a small lounge bar with sofas and even a bed. They have hookah style water pipes available with flavored smoke, which seems to be a growing trend in Taipei. On Friday and Saturday nights they have a belly dancer perform.

Keelung Rd.,Sec. 1, No. 133-2 / 基隆路1段133之2號 / Jīlóng Lù yī duàn 133 zhī èr èr

(02) 2749-5495 Reservations can be made if you speak Chinese.
Hours: 8 pm-3 am (open until 4 am on Fri, Sat closed Mondays)
nearest MRT: Taipei City Hall
Their website is in Chinese only: www.playing.com.tw
Taiwan Fun: http://www.taiwanfun.com

Main Taipei Bar List

The Taiwan Beer Bar

Update: They have remodeled and the entrance is no longer on Weishui Rd. Now go through the main factory entrance and walk straight.

This is a great place and a cheap night out as long as you like to drink Taiwan Beer, because that's all they serve. They do have some varieties which are not typically available elsewhere, and all the beer is made in the adjoining brewery. They use a strange but simple ticket system here. First go to the register and pre-pay for the type and quanity of your beer, then go to either the bottle bar or the draft bar to get your beer. Indoor and outdoor seating are available. They have an appetizer menu consisting of Chinese food.

It is on the section of Bade Rd. that is between Civic Blvd. (Shiming Dadao) and Jian Guo Rd.and intersects them both. Civic Blvd. and Jian Guo Rd. then intersect with each other. Jian Guo Rd. runs North to South, Civic Blvd. runs East to West. Bade Rd. is in the Northeast quadrant of this intersection running at an approximate 45 degree angle from Northeast to Southwest. See the map (in Chinese)

Adddress: Bade Road, Sec 2, No. 85 / 八德路2段85號 / Bādé Lù, èr duàn, 85 hào
The entrance around the corner on Weishui Road / 渭水路 / Wèishuǐ Lù
Hours: everyday 11 am-12 midnight. You can expect it to be closed on holidays. I have also been there on a few random non-holiday weekdays and found the place closed.

Taiwan Fun Review

Taipei Pub listings

Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station Area Map

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dr. Mark Fixed My Back

Dr. Mark Griffin, Doctor of Chiropractic, USA
Zhongxiao East Rd. Sec. 4, #250, 11F-5
忠孝東路,四段,250號,11樓, Suite 5
entry at Lane 248
(02) 8771-3516

I would have gone a lot sooner if I'd known what a difference it made. After one session I could feel the difference and the healing process was accelerated. In the last few years my back tends to give out about every six months. I know if I ignore the pain and take it easy it will eventually clear up but I also know it will be back. I went to an MD and they just gave me a load of pain killers to see me through. Dr. Mark seems to have actually resolved the issue.

Dr. Mark also does custom orthopedic insoles: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/11/customs-insoles-by-dr-mark.html

Here's my account to date:
9/12 My back hurt and I'd had enough. I saw Dr. Mark and he put me on a mechanical table which folds you gently to loosen you up for the real thing. He then has some industrial strength mechanical massage devices before he manually readjusts your back. I felt an immediate relief. All of the pain retreated into one sore spot on my spine which was the epicenter of the adjustment. Within a couple of days I felt like I was back to normal.
9/13 Per Dr. Mark's advise I went to get x-rays of my neck and spine.
9/17 Scheduled a follow up visit for Dr. Mark to check the x-rays. He seemed a little concerned and pointed out some things, but it was clear even to me that I was out of order. Based on the x-rays, we repeated the initial procedure with the adjustment a bit lower. Since I wasn't in pain before the adjustment there was not such a noticeable difference this time. I am making an effort to follow his suggestions, most importantly is not sleeping on my stomach. I have a feeling now that I'm actually standing and sitting up straighter.
9/20 next visit scheduled.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Breeze Center

Fùxīng Nán Lù Shìmín Dàdào

at the intersection of Civic Boulevard (Shiming Dadao) and Fuxing South Road
No. 39, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Taipei
Take MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, then walk 10-min or take Breeze shuttle bus to Breeze Center.

Bellini Tokyo Italian Cafe: This is expensive relative to the quality of the food, which I didn't care for. The food seemed to be Asianed up a bit to suit local tastes so I hope they like it, but I won't be back. They have other branches in Taipei as well.

Living Mall

Living Mall
Bade Road, Sec. 4, No. 138, on the North-west corner of Civic Blvd. (Shiming Dadao)
Official Website in English: http://web01.livingmall.com.tw/about.asp?pgid=en0101
map with bus routes: http://web01.livingmall.com.tw/about.asp?pgid=en0109

Restaurant List: http://web01.livingmall.com.tw/about.asp?pgid=en0105

Yakiniku House
This is a Japanese barbeque. It is very good as long as you don't mind cooking for yourself.
11 F

Bird Taipei
Very good Thai restaurant.

Lawry's The Prime Rib
12 F, Lawry's is good but it is over priced and over rated.

This is a mediocre nightclub featuring mediocre live music that no one dances to. They do have their own group of dancers that give a performance later in the evening.

Cinemark Theater: http://www.cinemark.com.tw/cmspecial.asp
Most of the movies shown are English with Chinese subtitles. Their website is in Chinese.

Parriss Buffet

Pariss Buffet, in Shin Kong (Xin Guang) Dept. Store in the Xinyi District of Taipei City. Another branch on corner of Guangfu N. Rd, one block North of Nanjing East Rd. Sec 5. As with all buffets that include unlimited alcohol, I advise you stick to drinking the Tiger Beer on tap. Or at least the whiskey, as the house wines and the assorted premixed drinks are crap.

The buffet features sushi, steak, crab, and more and alcohol is included. It closes at 10:00 PM, but starts shutting down at 9:30 PM. Pricing is based on the time of day you dine. I prefer the other buffets such as Splendor and Jogoyo, but this is not bad.

PARIS Buffet


Alleycats Pizza: http://www.alleycatstaipei.com/
Excellent thin crust pizza. Reservations are advised especially for weekend evenings and can be made on-line or by phone. While the food is good, the service can be questionable. I have had my reservations lost and my orders lost.

Original Location: LiShui Street, No. 6, B1 /麗水街, 6 , B1 / Lìshuǐ Jiē, 6 hào, B1

Near the XinYi Rd. Sec.2 / JinShan South Rd. intersection. Phone: (02) 2321-8949

Neihu Location: ChengGong Road, Sec. 5, No. 67-1 / 內湖區, 成功路, 5, 67-1 / Nèihú qū, Chénggōng Lù, 5 duàn, 67-1 hào

New branch now open on Zhongxiao East Rd. Sec. 4, Lane 248
11/2007 Now another branch open in Tianmu.

Ju Li Yue Pizza http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/10/ju-li-yue-pizza.html
Minquan West Road, near the Ritz Landis Hotel. They make a good thin crust pizza, but don't serve beer.

Parco http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/11/parco-pasta-au-gratin-and-pizza.html
They have excellent thin crust pizza and they do serve pasta. They have some Asian style flavors for pizza and pasta as well as more traditional flavors. Located at Minsheng E. Rd, Sec. 5, No. 59 / 民生東路559 / Mínshēng Dōng Lù 5 duàn 59 hào

Domino's Pizza is terrible here, or at least that was my first impression. I am becoming more and more forgiving of Asian style pizzas. If you are looking for a low end pizza, I advise Napoli which is ok with double cheese. There are chains throughout the city, or they have centralized numbers but you may need to speak Chinese if you want to order by phone. Other popular and edible chains are Pizza Hut and Pizza 50.

Costco also makes a pretty good pizza by the slice or by the pizza.

Cafe Grazie Italian Restaurant: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/10/cafe-grazie.html
They also have a Tianmu /Shilin Branch.

Pizza on the riverside in Xindian: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2007/03/bitan-xindian-river.html

Here are some numbers for take out and delivery: http://www.eyp.com.tw/yp/dining/dining_list1.php?occup_id=010608000&OCCUP_L=1&sql=DUMMY&page=1

This page last updated on 2/6/2007.

Cafe Grazie

Cafe Grazie is a reasonably priced Italian restaurant with reasonalby good food. They have a group special which is ideal for four people. Everyone can choose one entree, 2 appetizers, and either desert or 2 glasses of beer. Total cost is $1430.

The branch I went to is located at Linsen N. Road, Sec. 2, No. 247 inside of the Shin Shin Dept. Store. 林森北路, 2, 247 Línsēn Běi Lù, èr duàn, 247 hào.

This is within walking distance of the Zhongshan MRT.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Movie Theaters in Taipei

Formerly Warner Village there is a theater in the heart of the Xinyi District and in the shadow of Taipei 101. It is a good, modern, comfortable theater, but often has long lines and crowded theaters. I advise going to one of the other theaters as the theater quality is the same but the crowds are not as bad.
No. 18, Songshou Road, Taipei
Online Tickets in Chinese: http://www.vscinemas.com.tw/index.asp
Xinyi District Office, Taipei City: http://english.taipei.gov.tw/xinyi/index.jsp?recordid=802

Living Mall
Bade Road, Sec. 4, No. 138, on the North-west corner of Civic Blvd. (Shiming Dadao)
Official Website in English: http://web01.livingmall.com.tw/about.asp?pgid=en0101
map with bus routes: http://web01.livingmall.com.tw/about.asp?pgid=en0109
The Cinemark Theater has a Chinese only website: http://www.cinemark.com.tw/cmspecial.asp

Taipei City, Fuxing South Road, Sec. 1, No. 39 on the North-east corner of Civic Blvd. (Shiming Dadao)
The ticket window is at the B1 entry near Starbucks.
Official Website in Chinese: http://www.breezecenter.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/-/-/-/Storefront-Start
Taiwan Fun listing: http://www.taiwanfun.com/north/taipei/shopping/0112/0112wnBreeze.htm
Tourism Bureau:

Miramar, has regular movies, Imax, and Imax 3D. movie and ferris wheel combos are available.
Located North of the the river from central Taipei in Neihu District.
No. 20, Jingye 3rd Rd., Taipei City
Official Website: http://www.miramar.com.tw/main.php
Tourism Bureau:

Shin Shin Cinema City: http://www.taiwanfun.com/north/taipei/recreation/0302/0302wnSSCC.htm
This theater is not as nice as the others listed here. Located in the Shin Shin Dept. store within walking distance of the Zhongshan MRT, it is located at Linsen N. Road, Sec. 2, No. 247 inside of the Shin Shin Dept. Store. 林森北路, 2, 247 Línsēn Běi Lù, èr duàn, 247 hào.

Ta Chien (Da Qian) Cinema: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/11/ta-chien-da-qian-cinema.html

For a bit of luxury the basement of the Westin Taipei Hotel has a theater in the basement level which has sofas with footrests. Tickets are NTD 350 and reservations are advised however if you show up and no tickets are available, you may wait to see if there is a no show and can get seated just before show time.

Location: Nanjing East Road, Sec. 3, No. 133, B2 / 台北市南京東路3段133號B2
On the north-east side of the Fuxing Rd. intersection, this is walking distance from the Nanjing East Rd. MRT station on the Brown-Muzha Line. When you enter the Westin, turn left and take the escalator to B2 or turn right and take the elevator.

Second-Run Discount Theaters: http://taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2007/01/second-run-discount-theaters.html


More Theaters: http://forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=21851