Saturday, May 20, 2006

Camping at Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is on the northeast coast. The China Post definitely gives a feel good review but Fulong is a nice area. The beach is clean, but the lifeguards are overprotective and the designated swimming area is very shallow.

Camping is available near the beach inside the park. There is an entrance fee to enter the park and another fee for camping. There is a toilet and shower house, which are reasonably clean. The problem is that the campsite is just a field. There is no shade, so if you go in the summer you can expect to be cooked alive in your tent when the sun comes up in the morning. There is a convenience store located within the park.

Another option is Longmen campsite, which boasts that it can accommodate 1600 campers. I did not check this out as there is an admission fee to use the park for the day or you can pay to stay the night. I imagine this might be a nice spot in the off-season, but if I want 1600 neighbors I will stay in Taipei.

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