Thursday, August 03, 2006

Camping in Pinglin 7/22/2006

I must say, Roxie and I have a nice division of labor on these trips. I'm in charge of the camping gear and she's in charge of the food. I think I got the better deal. We started with some jazz, an ice cold beer, and a dip in the river. Roxie has determined that a beer can be in the freezer for 3 hours without exploding, so Saturday morning before departure that's where they went, then the beer took the place of the ice to keep the meat cool.
While the fire was heating up, we had fruit salad. Then with the camp stove we boiled potatoes while heating up some buttered garlic bread, each slice was separated by a think slice of salami. This was wrapped in foil and placed on the edge of the grill.
Then came the chicken wings and lettuce wrapped steak. Then the potatoes were put in a disposable foil pan with some seasoning and a lot of cheese.
After this we needed to take a break before cooking the bigger steak. Roxie felt the need to cook some instant noodles but by this point I felt ready to explode. She blames this on the fact that I ate most of the steak while she was busy playing with the fire. In the morning all that was left was one beer and some dirty plastic ware.
We plan to do this again in 3 weeks which is when I have my next Saturday off. That will be August 12th. The weather was great. Cool mountain evenings did not require air con. The one draw back was that it was the grand finale of the Taiwan 4x4 club so every campsite was full to capacity. Next time I think we will have the place more or less to ourselves. The laoban told me I am the first wei gua ren they've seen in a year.