Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

This food was ok, but expensive for the quality and quantity. Four of us went to dinner and the bill came to $2000 or $500 per person and this did not include any drinks.

They have an English language website:

Taiwan Fun's Review

Main Restaurants Page

Splendor Restaurant

$680 from 11:00 - 13:50
$580 from 14:10 - 16:30
$760 from 17:00 - 21:30

This is one of my favorite buffet restaurants. The price depends on the time you eat. As with all buffets that include alcohol, I stick to the beer. The wine is Carlo Rossi which in the US can be bought by the gallon.

The food, on the other hand is delicious. From roast beef to sushi, the selection is incredible, and the quality is quite good too.

Driving south on Roosevelt Rd. cross the bridge to Xindian and immediately turn right. By MRT you can walk from the Dapinglin Station. Come out of Exit 1 (or 3 or 4) and cross the street and walk about one block.

EDIT 7/2008: I continue to eat here on occassion. The quality of the food remains consistent and this remains my favorite buffet restaurant. On my last visit I see they have changed from Tiger Beer and now serve Hsing Dao Beer. The beer tap seemed to pour a bit easier than the old Tiger tap. I also noticed that the cheap whiskey has disappeared.

Main Restaurant Page:

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scooter Rentals

English speaking scooter rentals (long and short term) and service in Taipei:

I haven't used them so can't say anything good or bad.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Scooter Maintainance

Scooter Maintainance:
This link takes you to a list of maintainance terms translated into Chinese and Pinyin.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Second-Run Discount Theaters

Second-Run Discount Theaters:
Unless otherwise noted, I have not confirmed any of these addresses, I have only provided the translation to English / Pinyin.
Following the link to Forumosa, there is also a list of of theaters in Taipei County.

西門戲院   (02)23814361 台北市中華路1段144號5F
Ximen Theater, Taipei City, Zhong Hua Rd, Sec. 1, No. 144, 5F
Ximen Xìyuàn, Táiběi Shì, Zhōnghuá Lù, 1 Duàn,144 Hào

奧斯卡戲院  (02)23611691 台北市峨嵋街115號3F
Oscar Theater, Taipei City, E Méi St.,No. 115, 3F
ào sī ka Xìyuàn, Táiběi Shì, é méi Jiē, 115 Hào

大世紀戲院  (02)23633909 台北市羅斯福路三段325號
Da Shi Ji Theater, Taipei City, Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 3, No. 325
Dà Shì Jì Xì Yuàn, Táiběi Shì, Luósīfú Lù, 3 Duàn, 325 Hào

朝代戲院   (02)25571300 台北市民權西路136號4樓
Chaodai Theater, Taipei City, Minquan W. Rd, No. 136, 4F
Cháodài Xìyuàn, Táiběi Shì, Mínquán Dōng Lù, 136 Hào

湳山戲院   (02)27023130 台北市通化街24巷1號
Taipei City, Tonghua St., Lane 24, No. 1
Táiběi Shì, Tōnghuà Jiē, 24 Xiàng, 1 Hào

東區全球影城 (02)27474743 台北市南京東路5段200號
Dong Qu Quan Qiu Ying Yuan, Taipei City, Nanjing East Rd., Sec. 5, No. 200
Dōng Qū Quán Qiú Yǐng Yuàn, Táiběi Shì, Nánjīng Dōng Lù, 5 Duàn,200 Hào

立峰戲院   (02)28812263 台北市文林路144巷10號
Lifeng Theater, Taipei City, Wenlin Rd., Lane 144, No. 10
Lì Fēng Xìyuàn, Táiběi Shì, Wénlín Lù, 144 Xiàng, 10 Hào

白雪戲院   (02)23752643 台北市漢口街2段54號9F
Bai Xue Theater, Taipei City, Hànkou St., Sec. 2, No. 54, 9F
Bái Xuě Xì Yuàn, Táiběi Shì, Hànkǒu Jiē, 2 Duàn, 54 Hào

Y17電影院   (02)23432388 台北市仁愛路一段17號六樓
Y17 Theater, Taipei City, Renai Rd., Sec. 1, No. 17, 6F
Y17 Dian Yǐng Yuàn, Táiběi Shì, Rén'ài Lù, 1 Duàn, 17 Hào

木柵光明戲院 (02)29367833 台北市木柵路一段260巷1號
Taipei City, Muzha Rd., Sec. 1, Lane 260, No. 1
Táiběi Shì, Mùzhà Lù, 1 Duàn, 260 Xiàng, 1 Hào

景美僑興戲院 (02)29312463 台北市景美區景文街72號
Taipei City, Jingmei District, Jingwen St., No. 72
Táiběi Shì, Jǐngměi Qū, Jǐngwén Jiē, 72 Hào

景美佳佳戲院 (02)29330333 台北市羅斯福六路段403號4樓
Taipei City, Roosevelt Rd.Sec. 6, No. 403, 4F
Táiběi Shì, Luósīfú Lù, 6 Duàn, 403Hào

圓滿戲院   (02)25596695 台北市寧夏路32號3樓
Taipei City, Ningxia Rd., No. 32, 3F
Táiběi Shì, Níngxià Lù, 32 Hào

頂好戲院   (02)27119305 台北市復興南路1段126巷1號
Taipei City, Fuxing South Rd, Sec. 1, Lane 126, No. 1
Táiběi Shì, Fùxīng Nán Lù, 1 Duàn, 126 Xiàng, 1 Hào

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Transportation around Taiwan

Intercity Buses:

Taiwan High Speed Rail:

As of January 2007 the Taiwan High Speed Rail is open for business. I haven't tried it out yet, but it looks to be a great way to travel to South Taiwan.

Official Website in English:

Regular rail system

Here is a map and list of train stations in Taiwan:

Taiwan Railways Administration:
See also:

Domestic flights are available to various locations. All Taipei flights are from Songshan Domestic Airport. No domestic flights are available from Taoyuan Taiwan International Airport (CKS).

Friday, January 05, 2007

Thai House

This is very good and reasonably priced Thai Food. The decor is simple but tasteful, with Thai designs and colored backlighting. I especially enjoy their green curry chicken and the shrimp cakes, but all the food is good. They have some special dishes for $100 but most dishes are in the $150 range. A typical meal may cost about $300 per person. They have Singha Beer to give you an authentic taste of Thailand. They are located on Nanjing East Road, Sec. 5 on the Northeast corner of the Guangfu North Road intersection.

Main Restaurant Page