Wednesday, February 07, 2007


闔家牛排 hé jiā niú pái (Roughly translates as Entire Family Steak)

This is a formal western style steak restaurant that does an excellent steak with a baked potato on the side. The only thing they are lacking is an English menu and signboard in front.

Location: Minsheng E. Rd. Sec. 3, No. 119, 1F / 台北市民生東路3段119號1樓

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Fogo Churrascaria Brazilian BBQ

The barbequed meat which comes out fresh from the kitchen on metal skewers is delicious. They had beef, lamb, pork, chicken, shrimp and more. Unfortunately there were two things that make me unable to recommend this restaurant. First, besides the BBQ there is not much else to eat. There is a very small soup and salad bar. Second, when busy the service suffers greatly. The waiters bring the BBQ out of the kitchen and are supposed to distribute it amongst the tables. What ends up happening is they always begin at the tables nearest the kitchen, and the food is gone by the time they reach the back of restaurant. I had to complain a couple of times before food started to find its way to my table.

Nanjing E. Rd. Sec. 5, No. 6, 2F /臺北市,南京東路,五段,6號,2樓 / Nánjīng Dōng Lù 5 Duàn 6 Hào 2 Lou

It is located near the Guangfu N. Rd. Intersection / 光復北路口 / Guāngfù Běi Lù Kou in the same building as The Living Room.

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