Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Xinzhu (Hsinchu)

I don't spend much time in Xinzhu, but I'll add useful information as I find it.

B&Q Hardware Stores (特力屋 té lì wū)
Xinzhu City, Gongdao 5th Road, Sec. 2, No. 469
No.469, Sec. 2, Gong Dao 5th Rd., Hsinchu City 30069

Hsinchu Science Park: http://eweb.sipa.gov.tw/en/dispatch.jsp?disp_to=2:15

City Website with Chinese/English street names

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Indonesian Food

On the Northern end of the Muzha-Brown line, come out of Zhongshan Jr. High School MRT (only 1 exit) and turn right. A few shops down on your right hand side will be an excellent Indonesian restaurant. I lost the name card, so that's all the detail until I eat there again.

Address: Fuxing N. Rd., No. 292 / 復興北路292/ Fùxīng Běi Lù 292 Hào
(02) 2504-5793

Amigo Mexican Restaurant

They have decent Mexican food at average prices.

  • Fuxing N. Rd. No. 202 / 復興北路202 / Fùxīng Běi Lù 202 Hào
  • Guangfu S. Rd, Lane 280, No. 28 / 光復南路280巷28 / Guāngfù Nán Lù 280 Xiàng 28 Hào