Friday, February 15, 2008


There are many small pharmacies throughout Taipei. If you know what you need, many medications which may be available by prescription only in your home country may be available over the counter. Of course, there are still some medications that are only available through a doctor or hospital such as opiate based pain killers.

A larger pharmacy which is often suggested if you are looking for something hard to find is the Shanghai Pharmacy.

Shanghai Pharmacy
衡陽路32號 / Héngyáng Lù 32 Hào / Hengyang Rd., No. 32
walking distance from Ximen MRT (Blue line, just west of main station).
Use Exit 4. Hengyang ends at 228 Park.

Monday, February 04, 2008

518 Local Bus

The 518 runs regularly throughout the day. The 518 starts at Taipei Main Station and then stops at Shuanglian MRT Station (2 stations north of main station on the Red-Danshui Line). It then follows Minsheng Rd. to the end before turning south to Songshan Train Station. It then goes to Neihu before turning around and reversing its route.

If you catch the 518 from Shuanglian going east during morning rush hour be prepared for a cramped and painful experience. There are times when the bus is filled beyond capacity, and people need to wait for the next bus. Since there is no orderly line in place, getting on the next bus can be just as bad as trying to get on the first bus.